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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

About: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, inside Dubai Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers in the world, is the well-known tourist destination Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo aka underwater aquarium. With more than 140 different marine species, including sharks, rays, and a great variety of fish, it is one of the biggest indoor underwater aquarium in the whole globe.

Explore multiple natural zones, including the rainforest, rocky shore, and living ocean, at the Underwater Zoo, located on the second level of the Dubai Aquarium. In addition, the zoo offers participatory experiences like cage snorkeling, shark dives, and more.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo has gained popularity as a tourist destination in Dubai because of its amazing size and distinctive experiences. In addition, millions of people visit it every year.

To improve your experience, find out how much a 1-week trip to Dubai from India will cost you if you want to schedule a visit to the underwater zoo and aquarium there.

We will go over all there is to know about the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in this post, including activities, hours, reservations, costs, location, fascinating facts, and more. Now let’s make sure.

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About Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Peddle Thorp created the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, an Emaar Entertainment project inspired by “The Underwater Paradise.”

Sharks and stingrays are among the more than 300 species of marine life on exhibit in The Dubai Mall’s aquarium. The aquarium won “Certificate of Excellence” and “Images Most Admired Retailer of the Year – Leisure & Entertainment” at the 2012 Images RetailME Awards.

One of the largest suspended aquariums in the world is the 10-million-liter Dubai Aquarium tank located on the ground level of the Dubai Mall. In addition, it is home to hundreds of different types of aquatic life. Additionally, this tank is home to approximately 400 sharks and rays, including one of the world’s largest collections of sand tiger sharks.

A separate area of the aquarium with a variety of interactive exhibits and activities is called the Underwater Zoo. Visitors can enjoy a number of natural areas, including the Living Ocean, the Rainforest, and the Rocky Shore. Additionally, there’s a large touch tank where guests may interact with marine life, including crabs, sea urchins, and starfish.

Tens of thousands of aquatic animals representing hundreds of marine species call the Dubai Aquarium home. However, the Underwater Zoo takes visitors through a variety of underwater environments, including touch ponds, jungles, and nocturnal UAE species. It is located on Level Two above the Aquarium tank.

With seven-day Dubai honeymoon packages, couples can have an unforgettable time together while seeing the fascinating aquatic life at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

Things to Do in Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

When visiting this place, here are a few must-experience things:

Shark Diving Experience

Are you a fearless explorer seeking thrilling, life-changing encounters? All one needs to do at the Dubai Aquarium is jump into a 10-million-liter aquarium tank.

At Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, an exhilarating shark diving experience will put you up close and personal with some of the most feared monsters in the ocean.

It’s even more incredible that this shark dive doesn’t require certification. Anyone from Dubai or anywhere else in the world is welcome to dive without a diving certification at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Naturally, the entire team of experts and all of the safety equipment will be with you!

Visit Dubai’s underwater hotel if you’d want to spend the night under the sea.

Experience the Cage Snorkelling

If shark diving seems a little too risky for you, you might want to try cage snorkeling.  Additionally, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo offers cage snorkeling, which allows you to simultaneously get up close and personal with thousands of aquatic creatures. In addition, you’ll be lowered in a cage into the shark tank to observe the sharks swimming around you.

Additionally, you won’t risk your safety to get a closer look at these amazing creatures. To experience this risk-free thrill, though, you’ll need to don snorkeling gear, step through a cage, and dive into a tank teeming with sharks and stingrays.

Scuba Diving

Do you want to start scuba diving but aren’t sure if you’re ready for the rigorous training program?  The PADI Discover Scuba Diver program might be a good fit for you in that case. Discover the wonders of Dubai Aquarium with Al Boom Diving.

Discover Scuba Diving in the Underwater Zoo and Dubai Aquarium, two magnificent locations. Before you go diving in the aquarium, the dive instructor will teach you the basics of safety and how to operate a cage. And for you, that would be the most exhilarating and memorable experience!

Meet and Greet with Penguins

2010 saw the first introduction of Gentoo penguins to the area by Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. The Underwater Zoo has a colony of gentoo penguins that guests can touch and greet.

You will have the opportunity to see penguins up close and discover more about their habitat and way of life. They might also be seen swimming and waddling in their pool.

Amazing Facts about Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The World’s Largest Indoor Aquarium

At 51 meters by 20 meters by 11 meters, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is the largest aquarium in the world. The aquarium’s 10 million liter tank is home to about 33,000 aquatic animals from over 200 species, including sharks and rays.

World Guinness Record

The acrylic panel of the aquarium, measuring 32.8 m x 8.3 m x 750 mm and weighing more than 2,45,000 kg, was recognized as the largest of its kind worldwide in the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records.

The Glass Bottom Boat Riding

There’s more than one method for feeding and examining your favorite water animals. With room for ten passengers, the exquisitely constructed glass-bottom boat will take you on a 15–20 minute tour of the ten million-liter water tank.

Diversified Zones

The Underwater Zoo is divided into three separate biological zones: the Living Ocean, the Rocky Shore, and the Rainforest. The Underwater Zoo has displays dedicated to creepy crawlies under the following categories: Wall Mounted Glass Displays, Insect Wall, Burmese Python Enclosure, Iguana Enclosure, and Tree Snake Enclosure.

Aquarium Tunnel

The 48-meter walk-through tunnel at the underwater zoo and Dubai Aquarium offers an amazing chance to view and capture photos of the exciting world of aquatic life.

Extraordinary Experiences

While exploring the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo is enjoyable, you should make the most of your trip by taking part in exciting activities like King Croc, Scuba Diving, Diving with Sharks, and Cage Snorkeling.

Should you decide to take up scuba diving, PADI can offer you the training and certification required to dive anywhere in the world. Moreover, glass-bottom boat rides let visitors to see the aquatic life within the water tank while cruising in a glass-bottomed boat.

Introducing King Croc

Meeting the largest reptile in the world, which is five meters long and weighs more than 750 kilos, is an amazing experience. Observing this gorgeous creature in its controlled habitat elicits a range of emotions.

Behind the Scene Tour

If you are interested in learning about the various aspects of maintaining the aquarium’s 33,000+ aquatic animals on a daily basis, including feeding, cleaning, and tending to different species, then this tour is a must. Moreover, as part of a tour guided by an extremely knowledgeable team, visitors will get the chance to see and learn about the aquarium’s laboratory, quarantine area, and food processing facilities.

How Can You Plan a Visit to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo? 

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the most opulent shopping center in the city, is the setting for an amazing journey that you and your kids will love. The Underwater Zoo is located on the second floor, and the Aquarium Tank is located on the ground level.

While the Aquarium & Zoo is open all year round, November through March is the best time to visit Dubai. During this season, the weather is nice and perfect for all kinds of activities.

During this busy time, there can be long lineups at the check-in desks. Visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in the afternoons if you’re ever in Dubai in the summer to cool off from the oppressive heat. Every day of the week, especially between 5 and 6 p.m., it is crowded with people. The early hours of the day and the evening are less crowded.

After taking in the breathtaking marine life at the Dubai Aquarium, relax and rejuvenate in one of Dubai’s numerous cozy 4-star hotels.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Location

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, The Dubai Mall, Doha Street, Off 1st Interchange – Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, U.A.E.

How to Reach Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo?

Are you unsure about how to go to the Underwater Zoo and Aquarium in Dubai? Therefore, public transportation makes it simple to get to the theme underwater park in Dubai Mall. These are your choices:

Through Metro: One of the easiest and most practical ways to get to the Dubai Mall is by the metro. The closest station is the Burj Khalifa or Dubai Mall station, from which a glass tunnel connects to the shopping center. Passing through the tunnel is a pleasure because it is fully air-conditioned.

By Bus: From the Deira Gold Souk station, take Route 27 to the destination, or from the Ghubaiba bus terminal, take Route 29. Additionally, these buses will drop you off at the Dubai Mall entrance every thirty minutes.

By Car: There are a number of locations within Dubai from which you may drive to the Dubai Mall. There are prominent signage indicating the way to the Dubai Mall along the whole length of the carriageway.  In addition, it is possible to hire a cab to drop you off in the mall and pick you up at a convenient location.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tickets

Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo: Basic Experience Ticket

Thus, entry to both the Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo and the Dubai Aquarium Tunnel is provided by the Rs 3,266 Basic Experience Ticket.

Dubai Aquarium & Penguin Cove Tickets

Thus, tickets for the Dubai Aquarium & Penguin Cove, which include access to the Aquarium Tunnel, Underwater Zoo, and Penguin Cove, start at Rs 4,167.

Dubai Aquarium Explorer Pass

Access to the Aquarium Tunnel, Zoo, and Glass Bottom Boat Tour may be had for a starting price of Rs 4,167 with the Dubai Aquarium Explorer Pass. Children 3 to 15 are charged the child rate; infants 0 to 2 are admitted free of charge but are not permitted on the Glass Bottom Boat.

Note*: You can buy tickets in advance online to avoid the ticket line, or you can buy them at the counter.

Important Things to Know Before Booking Dubai Aquarium

  • Always have a current ID on you in case you need to prove it.
  • Children under the age of two and expectant mothers are not allowed on the Glass Bottom Boat.
  • If any portion of an attraction is closed due to weather or technical issues, the service provider is not liable.
  • Tickets for adults and children are priced the same.
  • Services that are only partially used are not refundable.
  • The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, as well as the Aquarium Tunnel, are accessible to visitors with the Basic Pass Combo. The Explorer Pass Experience, on the other hand, comes with the Glass Bottom Boat Tour in addition to everything that comes with the Basic Pass Combo.
  • Every guest is required to present identification at the point of arrival.
  • Wheelchairs and strollers are welcome at the venue (though not in the Rays Encounter and Penguin Encounter areas).
  • Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by adults.
  • All visitors, aged 02 and older, must have a ticket.
  • It is advisable to come ten to thirty minutes before to the booked time.
  • The Aquarium is open Sunday through Wednesday from 10 AM to 10 PM and Thursday through Saturday from 10 AM to 12 AM.

Rules for Visiting Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

To ensure that guests have an amazing time at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, they should be aware of the following rules:

  • Inside, visitors should use caution when shooting pictures. There must be no animal suffering of any kind. Additionally, flash photography is prohibited in a few locations within the establishment to protect the animals and make sure they don’t become frightened.
  • The admittance ticket can only be used once; it cannot be used again.
  • Also, as animals may become frightened, visitors should refrain from yelling on the property.

Nearby Attractions And Places To Visit

After visiting the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, you might like to check out some of the following neighboring attractions and locations in Dubai:

Are you considering a trip to Dubai? Purchase a tour package for Dubai from Roaming Routes. Hundreds of travelers have put their trust in us, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The price of Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo varies depending on the package and experience chosen. According to the official website, the regular pass costs AED 199 for adults and children aged 2 years and above. But you can get special discount while booking with Luxury Destination Tourism LLC.

You can purchase tickets for the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo from several sources, including the official website, and LDT. The prices and available activities may vary depending on the date.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at The Palm resort on the Palm Jumeirah island. It is part of the Atlantis Dubai complex and is designed to resemble the lost city of Atlantis. To purchase tickets, you can visit the official website, or contact LDT for discounts, or buy them directly at the aquarium.

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